Bruder 02441 – Caterpillar Wheel Loader

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Bruder 02441 – Caterpillar Wheel Loader Description

The Caterpillar compact wheel loader from Brooder is a true multi-talent. The handy, maneuverable, versatile compact wheel loaders can no longer be imagined today in construction, in quarries, in agriculture and forestry. The small size combined with the tilting and detachable front blade makes it the first choice in a wide range of applications. The front scoop can be removed and equipped with various accessories. The special profile tires also allow for safe maneuvering on rough ground. The cab windows of the driver’s cab are made of transparent and high-quality polycarbonate. Another highlight is the loading arm steering with parallel guidance. The German family business BRUDER Spielwaren has distinguished itself since the foundation in 1926 by innovative products ‘Made in Germany’, the attention to detail and the fulfillment of children’s dreams. With the introduction of plastic production the path to today’s worldwide success of the brand brother was paved. Brother transforms the experienced real world into a true-to-life children’s world. With the pedagogical and valuable principle, children can prepare what they have seen, and they are brought to play in a variety of ways, such as road construction, agriculture or rescue operations. Brother is convinced by the high quality and versatile functionality of his products. The slogans ‘in the small as well as the big’ or ‘just like the real thing’ reflect the philosophy of the company philosophy. The created worlds can be populated by the true-to-scale figures of the BWORLD series (Bruderwelt) and offer an unlimited play pleasure for young and old by active use on fields and construction sites.

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Crucial, you should buy exclusively high-quality products and solutions, giving liking to proved brands. It is the kind of Bruder 02441 – Caterpillar Wheel Loader we offer to the customers. Most people understand how necessary their occasion is, and we do not have substandard quality goods. Obtaining this or that software from united states, you can be clear on its excellent and huge efficiency with work with a use.


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