Light-Up Marquee Gear Art And Craft Toys, 2017 Christmas Toys

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Light-Up Marquee Gear Art And Craft Toys, 2017 Christmas Toys Description

Point yourself in a crafty direction! Following the step-by-step illustrated instructions, it’s amazingly easy to decorate, personalize, and assemble this unique marquee arrow. Start with coloring! – You can color the vividly designed boarder and arrow any way you want using the eight bright markers. If you want you can even flip the arrow cutout over to find a blank surface just begging to be filled with your own designs! Line up the letters of your name with the holes where the lights will go. Or, turn the whole thing into a bright, beautiful mural. – It’s entirely up to you! Once you’re done coloring, add on the battery pack and start threading the LED light string through the holes in the arrow, placing one of the colorful translucent beads over each light. Then, with just a little double-sided tape here, some more colors there – Voila! – Suddenly you’re left with a big custom-designed arrow that shines bright with vibrant colors! Fun to build and beautifully creative, the Light-Up Marquee is just the thing to liven up your space and make it feel more like home. Light-Up Marquee Crafting kit for building your own personalized light-up marquee arrow Encourages creativity, fine motor dexterity, self-expression Liven up your room with personalized creativity and bright beautiful lights! Color in designs printed on arrow and border any way you want Flip arrow cutout over to decorate blank side any way you want Marker colors include black, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple Includes LED light string and battery pack, plastic marquee frame, printed cardstock marquee, 8 mini markers, pony beads, double-sided adhesive roll, single sided adhesive Detailed instructions and ideas included Requires 2 AA batteries – Not included High quality materials for exceptional crafting experience

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