STEFFI Simba Hawaii Camper

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STEFFI Simba Hawaii Camper Description

When Steffi love is on vacation, she does not like anything better than simply driving her snappy Hawaiian camper VW in the direction in which she is currently pulling. Steffi has been to many different countries with her beloved flower power bus, but she still wants to discover something new. The Steffi love Hawaii camper is just right for those who are wanderlust! Steffi always has her little home with her when she’s out and about, because the bus is well equipped and has everything you need to feel good. For example, Steffi can drive comfortably in the driver’s seat or simply turn it around and use it as a dining chair in the living area. To freshen up, she can take a shower on the side of the camper or simply ride the surfboard on the waves. For the perfect dinner there is a large kitchen or a cool grill in the camper. In addition, it contains a lot of accessories, so it can never be boring. In addition, the bus can be opened, so you can also use the great interior to play comfortably. In the evening, Steffi likes to sit in front of her bus and make music on her guitar; songs that she has learned on her many trips to distant lands and that always remind her of the most beautiful experiences.

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