Xtreme Racer Gravity Defying Rechargeable RC Toy Car (Red)

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Xtreme Racer Gravity Defying Rechargeable RC Toy Car (Red) Description

Color:Red Xtreme Racer is the Rechargeable Remote Control Toy Car that takes RC racing to the next level. Our gravity-defying Xtreme Racers Car is a new and improved wall climbing, ceiling scaling toy that has been re-invented to be more reliable and durable than the other wall-climbers on the market. Our newly designed car shell absorbs impact instead of cracking or breaking. Xtreme Racer is the ONLY wall-racer that comes with a track set that sticks to your WALL, CEILING, or ANY FLAT SURFACE. No residue or marks left behind! Xtreme Racer has 2 modes: one for Floor and one for Wall. (This mode can be used on the ceiling!) In addition to the 360° Stunts and Wall-drifts – Xtreme Racer has LED Headlights & Tail Lights. Xtreme Racers have a few unique features you might like! The remote serves as a storage case to keep your vehicle when you are finished playing. The Xtreme Racer remote control also serves as the charger for your Xtreme Racer. (Controller takes 5 AA batteries, not included) Xtreme Racer Gravity Defining Track Pack Includes: -Rechargeable Xtreme Racer car -Chargining remote control with built-in storage case -9.1 Meters of glow-in-the-dark track rope -(4) hazard puddles & (4) oil slicks -(14) track cones & (4) start/finish cones -Instruction Manual Tip: Never turn on the remote controllers at the same time. Never set them to the same channel. Keep remote and car away from water and heat. and always make sure to unplug your Xtreme Racer after it has been fully charged.

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